Sunday 26th August – Heritage Week Talk at Broadford Arboretum 2 – 4pm

Heritage Week Talk at Broadford Arboretum, Co. Limerick – Sunday 26th August 2012 marks the 12th successive Heritage Week event at Broadford Native Woodland Arboretum, which is located opposite the Church in Broadford Village, Co. Limerick.

This free event will take place on Sunday 26th August from 2 pm to 4 pm in the afternoon.

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The arboretum is a uniquely restored Medieval Limestone Quarry, which has been planted with all 27 of Ireland’s Native tree species, and managed and maintained as a dedicated ‘biodiversity space’. The event will be led by Ted Cook who championed the establishment of the arboretum and by Pete Beaumont. Both are excellent natural historians who will open your eyes to the marvels of our native wildlife. Their annual wildlife talk at the arboretum is a very popular event, attracting a faithful following of nature enthusiasts. Ted Cook pioneered the concept of ‘treestoration’ projects, of which the Broadford Arboretum is an example. The one-hectare quarry site was left to the people of Broadford by Lord Muskerry of Springfield Castle in the 19th century. The quarry came to be used as a dump and, as such, became heavily polluted. In the 1990s, local developers wished to build on the site but the community opposed this and exercised their rights via Agenda 21. As an alternative, they promoted a plan created by Ted Cook to convert the quarry into a native tree arboretum as an education resource for the local school, with the added benefit of the power of the trees to clean up the pollution. Firstly, a nursery was established in situ and gradually all twenty seven species native to Ireland were groomed for planting on the site. The project has been a huge success in restoring a degraded public space using nature.

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