Sheila Cahill

Sheila Cahill – Green Party Candidate for Limerick City

Dear constituent,

I believe I have the commitment and integrity to represent Limerick effectively in the next Dáil.  I run a small business helping charities to make better use of limited resources, and I know that I can put these skills to constructive use as a TD.  I would appreciate your No. 1 vote.

Sheila Cahill

Limerick Vote Green Weblog

With your support I look forward to:

  1. Leading by example in making politics cleaner and more accountable.
  2. Promoting Ireland as a world leader in green technology, creating jobs now and for the future.
  3. Ending the boom and bust cycle encouraged by the main political parties.
  4. Supporting the community and voluntary groups in Limerick to sustain a resilient and united city