John Gormley establishes Limerick Local Government Committee

“The need to put in place more effective local government arrangements for the Limerick area has been widely accepted for some time,” said Mr John Gormley T.D., Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, today (18 February 2010).  “The Limerick Local Government Committee, which I am establishing under the chairmanship of Mr Denis Brosnan, is being tasked today to advise me on the most appropriate solution”.

The Committee, established under local government legislation, has been asked to prepare a report into the most appropriate arrangements for local government for the city and county of Limerick. It will examine various options, including boundary changes, the creation of a unified city and county authority, and alternative arrangements to share and/or coordinate functions, administration and leadership between the city and county authorities. Continue reading “John Gormley establishes Limerick Local Government Committee”