#ourwater campaign to keep water in public ownership – sign and share!

a7bd242b-f9c1-4134-9108-57462c7c6a88The Green Party this week launched its campaign for a referendum on the public ownership of water. We’re calling on the Government to advance the legislation for a referendum on public ownership of water as a priority, and to ensure that it is included with the Bills already scheduled to be passed in order to hold other referenda in 2015.

Green Party councillors across the country have already submitted motions to their respective councils in Louth, Fingal, Dublin City, Dublin South, Dun Laoghaire – Rathdown, Wicklow and Kilkenny, calling for these councils to support a referendum on the public ownership if water.

Party Leader, Eamon Ryan, said: “The Government has lost the confidence of the people in the way they have gone about the establishment of Irish Water. One of the primary concerns repeatedly cited by members of the public is that the company has been established in a manner which allows for its future privatisation. We believe that our water supply should never be up for sale.

How to help:

You can add your signature to the hundreds of other ones here. You can also follow the campaign on twitter and Facebook  and check out this great campaign video. And please remember to share with family and friends!