Green Party publishes five pledges for the future

Pledges are “green-line issues” for the party

The Green Party today published five pledges for the next Dail, which include commitments on the green economy, income tax and political reform. These issues will form the party’s basic platform for the next five years.

Green party TD Eamon Ryan said: “The Greens are committing to five fundamentals we will fight on, whatever role the party finds itself in after the election.

This amounts to the party’s core agenda for the next five years. We are a strong, responsible, progressive and liberal voice in Irish politics. These five fundamental “Green line issues” are our pledges to the Irish people. They are our non-negotiables”

The five pledges are:

  1. A Strong Green Economy that brings new jobs
    • A future for the state’s prime companies: no destruction or sale of state assets such as Bord Gáis, Coillte or ESB
  2. A Tax Policy that Promotes Job Creation
    • No increase in income tax as we integrate tax and social welfare systems
  3. A Progressive Social Agenda
    • Protect education
  4. Rein in Vested Interests through Strong Political Reform
    • Real Electoral Reform and an end to vested interests dictating policy
  5. Protecting Our Environment
    • Strong Climate Change Legislation

Eamon Ryan added: “They are about creating a more progressive society, where difference is respected and promoted. They are about planning so that our long term economic and social prosperity is put ahead of the short term agendas of vested interests.”

Green Party leader John Gormley said: “These five pledges provide a real progressive alternative to the policies and the practices of the past which Fine Gael and Labour still represent. These parties are still tied to the ideologies and thinking that should have been consigned to history.

“Fine Gael has a conservative and right wing agenda at its core, which I believe will come to the fore if they form a single party Government. Likewise Labour remains tied to the ideologies of the past which has left them unable to present honest and coherent policies on tax and spending.”

“The Green Party has put forward honest policies that work. We have not hidden behind vague promises and commitments. These five pledges are our non-negotiables and are the pledges we are proud to stand behind.”