Ireland can be oil free by 2030 – Gormley

Ireland can be oil free by 2030 – Gormley Greens present vision to break dependency on imported fossil fuels

The Green Party has outlined plans to make Ireland oil free by 2030. The Party said that the keys to Ireland’s energy independence lay in increasing our wind and ocean energy supply, electrifying transport, and retrofitting our houses and office buildings.Talking to media at an event beside a fuel depot in Dublin Port, Green Party Leader John Gormleysaid: “Our dependence on oil costs Ireland over €6bn per year. It environmentally damaging and an unsustainable source of energy. For strategic economic and environmental reasons the Greens are absolutely determined to break Ireland’s dependence on foreign oil.The next Government has an obligation to prepare our economy and society for an era of cripplingly high oil prices. In doing so now – and in deploying alternatives to fossil fuels – we can create jobs and reduce our transport and heating costs.”

Former energy minister and TD for Dublin South Eamon Ryan added: “The implementation of Green Party policy over the past three and a half years has already set us on the road to achieving an oil free economy. We have instigated a series of initiatives aimed at securing the future of Ireland’s energy supplies and positioning Ireland as a world leader in green, home-grown energy. “By phasing out our use of oil, Ireland can secure our energy supply, rebuild our economy and promote the development of sound growth driven by new environmentally friendly technologies and creating new business opportunities for Irish industry. “Ending Ireland’s addiction to oil, can secure our position as one of the world’s leading nations in sustainable development.“

Dublin North TD Trevor Sargent said: “We are nearing peak oil production and that a sharp decline in reserves will follow. We are therefore compelled to plan for the future, we have a duty to secure our energy independence for future generations.”

”If the Greens form part of the next Government, we will establish a Commission for Oil Independence tasked with developing a set of clear and achievable proposals to realise the goal of an oil free Ireland by 2030.The Commission with deliver these strategies within six months of its establishment.”