We will recover if we play to our strengths – Greens launch jobs plan

We will recover if we play to our strengths – Gormley

Greens have delivered over 20,000 jobs since 2007, and have plans to create 100,000 more

Launching the Green Party’s jobs plan in the IFSC this morning, Party leader John Gormley said: “We entered Government knowing that our economic model was broken and we had the ideas to fix it. We knew that cheap oil was a thing of the past and that climate change demanded a wholesale transformation of our economy. We began this work in Government and green policies have delivered over 20,000 jobs in the face of the recession. We have a proven track record of delivery and that’s why the electorate can believe in our jobs plan. The recovery will be green”, he said.

Party chairman Dan Boyle said: “Our jobs policy is based on prudent financial planning with no promises of investment we cannot afford. During our time in Government our energy semi-states announced investment plans of €8bn in clean energy over the next four years. This is money they can raise themselves and policy they can deliver on the ground. Our job creation plan is realistic but ambitious. And it will work.”
Louth candidate Mark Deary added: “Going green will help our farmers, foresters and those in the tourist industry. The Green Party’s plan, like Whitaker in the 50s is to use our natural resources for a new economy – our land and our people. Our international brand is of a Green Island, making that brand meaningful will reap rewards.”

Dublin South candidate Eamon Ryan said: “The US and China are moving in this direction. We began the drive toward a low-carbon digital economy in Government and ICT is flourishing in Ireland. The future of the internet will determine how our economy evolves. We plan to place Ireland centre stage in this evolution.”

 The Party proposes to:

  • Invest €500m from the National Pension Reserve Fund into insulation
  • Build 2 gigawatts of interconnection to make Ireland an energy exporter
  • Plant 15,000 hectares of forestry
  • Market Ireland internationally as a ‘Green Island’ and implement Green Star rating for eco-tourism
  • Roll out ultra fast broadband Exemplar network nationwide
  • Invest €70m in web training for 20,000 unemployed people who can then work to web-enable Irish business Provide access for the private sector to Government data
  • Transfer all public services to cloud computing
  • Establish an International Content Service Centre
  • Abolish Forfás and redirect savings into EI/IDA grants
  • Create a Green IFSC for carbon verification and green financial services