Press release: Green Party candidate Sheila Cahill criticises “excessive” postering campaign

“Voters don’t need to be insulted or patronised by the insinuation that a photograph of a candidate is enough to sway their vote”, said Sheila. “I am not putting up any posters during this election campaign because I believe that this election above all others should be about policies. My policy platform is based on clean politics, a real economy and a better Limerick and I am concentrating my resources on communicating this message to as many voters as I can”.

An online poll today by website showed that 90% of people think that election posters should be banned [1].

“I think Limerick is a beautiful city, and I hate to see it polluted by thousands of posters during election time. I’m happy to be taking a lead in not erecting posters over this campaign, and concentrating instead about talking to the voters about policies that matter”