New Horticulture Action Group to focus on preserving domestic food production

Cuffe inaugurates first meeting of action group

Green Party Minister for Horticulture Ciarán Cuffe today addressed the first meeting of the Horticulture Action Group and said the horticultural industry has considerable potential to develop but is also facing significant challenges. He said he looked forward to the group progressing the implementation of the 2020 Food Harvest Report.

Minister Cuffe said: “By putting in place truly sustainable agriculture production systems we will ensure that that our domestic food production will become ‘resilient’ and in a better position to cope with the adverse affects of climate change and the reduction in availability of oil

“Our food production systems must become truly ‘resilient’ and horticulture has a major part to play in this regard. It is important that we first preserve and sustain our current levels of production. Then we must work to increase output to meet existing opportunities on both the domestic and export markets. An increased availability and selection of fresh Irish products would both benefit the health of Irish Consumers as well as providing more sustainable employment”