Greens call for 90% tax on “outrageous” bankers’ bonuses

Finance Bill must include special taxation measures, says Boyle

Green Party Finance spokesman Dan Boyle has called on the Minister for Finance to include a special provision in the forthcoming Finance Bill for a special tax rate set at a prohibitively high level on bonuses paid to bank executives.

The rate should be imposed on executives working in the banks that are receiving State support, and who have received special bonuses in 2010 or at any time in the future, the Green Party Chairman said.

Senator Boyle said: “I believe a 90% rate would be justified in these circumstances. It is outrageous that we continue to have such flagrant action from financial institutions whose operations and behavior have done so much to create the economic climate in which we now find ourselves.”

“There would be widespread public support for such a move,” he added.