Labour attempts to block political reform are gutless – Gogarty

Do Gilmore’s Dublin TDs agree with their Cork colleague on shelving the Dublin mayor election?

The Green Party’s Dublin spokesman Paul Gogarty has attacked the Labour Party for selling out on political reform promises before they even get a chance to implement them. It showed that Labour look set to be a big disappointment for people seeking real change in our political systems.Deputy Gogarty, who is TD for Dublin Mid West branded Labour’s move to delay Mayoral elections for four years: “gutless and short-sighted.” He said: “Before they even reach the corridors of power Labour have shown their true colours. On the issue of political reform they are as conservative and unimaginative as their Fine Gael counterparts. In the Dail right now TDs are debating legislation that will create a directly-elected and accountable Mayor for the Dublin region.

“This mayor could be elected in just a few months time, but blinded by populist nonsense and exaggerations, Labour want to pull the plug on this important reform before it even gets started. “Far from costing money, the mayor could save taxpayers up to €40million through efficiencies in the services provided in Dublin. The mayor will be an ambassador for the Dublin region, championing investment, standing up for entrepreneurs and businesses and knocking heads together when needed.”

“Some of Labour’s Dublin TD’s and representatives have previously expressed their support for a directly elected mayor for the Capital. I want to know whether they actually support the delay proposed by their Cork colleague Ciarán Lynch, or whether they were just towing the party line and playing politics – as they have done previously on issues like planning and animal welfare?

“I am disappointed that Labour have rolled back on their claims to endorse meaningful political reform – not at the first hurdle, but before the race even started. This lack of vision and knee-jerk tendency to oppose everything is unfortunately typical of some of their representatives.”

“Thankfully Labour lost their vote to shelve the Mayor, by 72 votes to 65. I am grateful for Deputy Maureen O’Sullivan’s support, and I applaud her vision,” Deputy Gogarty said.