Consensus on budget & 4-year plan is best way forward

Green Ministers welcome Commissioner’s calls for political unity

The Green Party has welcomed the European Commission’s endorsement of attempts to find consensus amongst political parties on the steps needed to help Ireland’s economic recovery. Energy Minister Eamon Ryan was speaking following a meeting this morning between the European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Olli Rehn and a Green Party delegation that also included Finance spokesman Senator Dan Boyle.

Minister Ryan said: “The Green Party welcomes Commissioner Rehn’s visit to Ireland and his positive engagement on the Irish economy. It has been our Party’s position that political cooperation and consensus offers the best way forward for Ireland, so we welcome his endorsement of this approach.

“The most important signal we can send to Irish citizens and to the markets from whom we must borrow next year is that our political leaders have a shared understanding of the scale of the economic challenges facing us and that we are united in our determination to put aside partisan politics in the national interest.”

“This is no time for politics as usual. Commissioner Rehn knows that. The Green Party knows it. And the Irish people know it. I believe that finding consensus amongst the political parties on the upcoming budget and on the four year plan is the best way forward for Ireland. I hope that we can end the ‘phony war’ and work together for the good of our country. The Green Party will try to facilitate this.

“I am happy to report that the Commissioner shares my belief in the resilience and potential of the Irish economy. He knows that we can get our public finances back on track and I am grateful for his visit to Ireland and his support.”