Gilmore’s desire to delay Metro North is concerning – Sargent

Greens reaffirm commitment, as Labour admit that in Government they would long-finger the vital public transport project

Green Party TD for Dublin North Trevor Sargent expressed strong concerns about Labour Party Leader Eamon Gilmore’s admission that the Metro North project would be “shoved back” if Labour get into Government. Gilmore made the comments on the Marian Finucane radio show on Saturday.

Deputy Sargent said, “It is incredible that Eamon Gilmore talks about the importance of job creation but is willing to shelve one of the largest infrastructural projects to come to North County Dublin. Metro North is not a vanity project for anybody; it is a project that will enhance economic recovery for the Greater Dublin Region; support job creation for the north of the city and county; and whisk hundreds of thousands of people around Dublin in an efficiently and sustainably.

“Eamon Gilmore’s statement demonstrates a complete lack of understanding about how economic recovery will be achieved.”

Sargent added: “It is now clear why Labour has been reluctant to talk about their policies on the economy – their policies are fundamentally flawed.

“To state that Metro North is not a priority for any government displays a major lack of understanding about the economic importance of North Dublin as part of the North/South Economic Corridor and how it will contribute to the economic recovery of the country. It is abundantly clear that Labour will cause more damage to the economy by making short-termist decisions that will be counterproductive to job creation.”

Eamon Gilmore was being interviewed by Marian Finucane on RTE Radio 1 on Saturday. Asked specifically what Labour would do about Metro North if they were in government, Gilmore said that Metro North was not a priority and that as part of a revision of the National Development Plan, they would “shove back” the major public transport project.

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