New study identifies health risks with GM Soya

A new study has identified health risks with the cultivation of GM Soya, with scientists discovering liver damage, kidney and heart disturbances and reproduction problems in mice, rabbits and rats fed the genetically modified bean. The International study also found the herbicides used in conjunction with GM Soya were damaging to human health.

Green Party Agriculture Spokesperson Trevor Sargent TD said the study reaffirmed the Green Party’s commitment to achieving a GM-free status for Ireland and the need for GM-free labelling to be introduced. “This is a concerning study, which concludes genetically modified soya endangers human and animal health. It also identifies real problems with the herbicides that must be used in conjunction with this GM crop and highlights the damage that GM causes to the environment and to the rural communities where it is grown.”

GM soya is predominately used in Ireland for animal feed, but GM-free options are available. Deputy Sargent said: “While we need to consider the health effects GM soya could have on our animals and population we should look at the benefits this study could bring. In repeated surveys over 60%of European citizens reject GM food and a massive market opportunity exists for Irish GM-free meat and dairy produce. I would call on grain importers to ensure availability of GM-free soya into the Irish market so that farmers can cater for a growing market demand for GM-free fed produce. A move to feeding animals GM-free feed would result in only an additional 3c per kilo in the retail price of pork or 2c in the price of chicken.”

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