Crash can never happen again – Gormley

Greens pledge to shake up banking, politics and planning systems

The Green Party is to pursue an ambitious reform agenda over the next Dáil term. Speaking from the Party’s Autumn Think-in in Carlow, Green Party Leader John Gormley said restoring financial stability; and reforming the banks, the planning system and the political system were key to ensuring the current economic crisis never happens again.

Minister Gormley said: “We must learn from the lessons of the past and make sure that the problems we are now facing, never happen again. We will be pursuing an ambitious reform agenda over the coming months to transform how our state works and renew people’s faith in politics and the institutions that serve us.

“Getting people back to work and ensuring credit is flowing in our banking system are the two most important issues facing us right now. The banking system is stabilising, with the right experts now in place. The planning system is being overhauled, with the planning bill introduced this summer. And the political system will be reformed with the introduction of a ban on corporate donations and a directly-elected Mayor for Dublin.

“Reform of Local Government to give power back to the people, along with changes to be introduced under the new electoral commission, will see the biggest shake-up in Irish politics in decades.

“Over these two days, we have spent some time assessing the advancements we have achieved in Government. Yesterday, provision of the cervical cancer vaccine began for thousands of teenage girls. This is happening because we ensured it would. The new Civil Partnerships legislation has moved equality several steps forward. And our investments in water infrastructure, research and support for the homeless were also discussed.

“Climate change is still a priority issue for us and we look forward to the introduction of the Climate Change Bill. We will also be concentrating on quality of life issues, such as the noise bill over the coming political year.”