Dublin Councils must come to their senses on costly folly of incinerator plan

New figures show collapse in amount of waste being collected by Dublin Councils

The revelations on RTE’s Primetime programme of a walk-away clause for the Poolbeg incinerator needs to be acted on by local councillors in Dublin if huge financial penalties are to be avoided, Green Party Dublin spokesperson Paul Gogarty TD has said.

“Poolbeg is a Celtic tiger era project that is too large, too expensive and will cost tens of millions in penalties if it goes ahead. Last year Dublin’s Councils landfilled a maximum of 270,000 tonnes of waste. This is 50,000 tonnes short of what they need to meet their contract for Poolbeg, or face hefty penalties.

“These figures show that the city council and the Dublin local authorities do not have enough waste to fill this facility. If the incinerator were to go ahead, the councils would automatically have to pay penalties, because not enough waste is being produced to feed this monster. We’re in a ridiculous situation where instead of trying to cut down on waste, we would either have to produce more, or pay heavy fines,” he said.

“Dublin Councillors need to take responsibility for their officials’ actions on this and call them to account by using their powers under local government legislation on the basis of financial exposure this project poses.

“The taxpayer must be protected and Labour and Fine Gael, who have the majority of councillors in Dublin, have been sitting on the fence. They voted for incineration in 1998. Now they need to clean up the mess they created.”