Harland & Wolff to help develop offshore wind

The Green Party has welcomed the announcement that Harland & Wolff has been awarded a multi million pound contract to design and build two platforms for an offshore wind development.

Green Party MLA Brian Wilson said:  “I am delighted that Harland & Wolff have been awarded this contract.  Harland & Wolff has been one of the few good news stories during this recession and that is clearly due to their foresight in entering the ever expanding green economy as well as their expertise and facilities, which are unique.
“This is an example of the Green New Deal in action. It is not enough to say that we are focussing on the economy; we must go further and focus our energy and investment on the new technologies that are required to help us move to a low carbon economy which is not reliant on imported fossil fuels but is instead based on sustainable forms of energy, transport and food production. A success story like this should not be an isolated incident  – it should be a common occurrence.”

In recent decades, H&W has been involved in building offshore and marine projects for the oil, gas and shipbuilding industries. The offshore wind substations will be located off the coast of North Wales.

More information can be found here