Tax on commercial vehicles

You may have read or heard allegations today that the Greens were seeking to raise taxes on commercial vehicles.

They are totally untrue.

NOTHING HAS CHANGED – there were no new regulations, no new fines, and no new proposals.

In short:

  • There has been no change in motor tax regime for commercial vehicles.
  • Owners of vehicles currently taxed for commercial purposes face no additional requirements regarding forms or declarations.
  • The RF 111A Goods Declaration form, which requires applicants to declare that the vehicle will be used for commercial purposes, has always been a requirement when first taxing a small commercial vehicle.
  • Circulars on a variety of issues from planning to councils are issued on a regular basis by the Department of the Environment, and this circular was in no way out of the ordinary.
  • Minister Eamon Ryan was interviewed this morning, and his remarks were broadcast on RTE’s news at one radio programme. You can listen to that here:

 In relation to articles published a fortnight ago alleging a raft of ‘green stealth taxes,’ we have been trying to get a ‘right of reply’ from Enterprise spokesman Mark Dearey published, which skewers those allegations.

 The key points in it are: 

  • Green policies seek to set Ireland on a sustainable path; reduce our dependency on imported fossil fuels; encourage indigenous enterprise; and protect the most vulnerable.
  • We are much more about incentives than charges.
  • Our policies are aimed at supporting enterprise, not threatening it.
  • Over 16,000 jobs have been created in the green economy since we entered Government.
  • We believe in reducing taxes on productive activities like labour, and raising money from unproductive assets and activities that are polluting or that use large amounts of scarce, valuable resources.
  • Using the example of insulation, four years ago about 3,000 houses per year were being upgraded to become energy efficient. This year, with the warmer homes scheme we will retrofit more than 50,000. Some 5,000 contractors are working at it and 600 householders are contacting the Sustainable Energy Authority every day to enquire about how they can benefit.
  • Revenue generated from the carbon levy was ring-fenced to subsidise fuel for less well off, to boost home insulation funding, to maintain funding for rural transport and to help cuts in VAT and employers’ PRSI.
  • Thanks to our changes to VRT and motor taxes, nearly eight out of every 10 new cars bought are in the fuel-efficient band A and B categories. Their carbon bill will be modest, and their decision to purchase a low-emission car will be paying off – for their pockets and the environment.

 You can read it here and arm yourself with the facts.

 As Sesame Street’s Kermit has often lamented, it’s not easy being green. It’s especially difficult when the media carry inaccurate and sensationalist stories.

 But together we can fight back the lies and slurs and hold our heads up knowing that what we’re doing is right.

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