Electricity Pricing & PSO


  1. The energy regulator sets electricity prices. Ministers are legally precluded from getting involved with prices, and this is for a very good reason.
  2. The PSO levy supports energy generated from renewable and peat sources. If Fine Gael and Labour wish to shut down Bord Na mona and curtail the growing renewable sector, let them be honest and come out and say so, rather than playing at populism and being dishonest about what the levy is intended for.
  3. The Government has successfully opened up the electricity market to competition, resulting in significant additional value for consumers. Both home and business customers can shop around for a better deal.
  4. The modest increase – equivalent to less than a euro per week for the average household – comes after two years of falling energy prices.
  5. It is intended to help Ireland decrease its reliance on imported fossil fuels – a strategy that is working. We are one of the world’s leading countries in wind energy production and will we soon be number one in Europe.

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