John Gormley establishes Limerick Local Government Committee

“The need to put in place more effective local government arrangements for the Limerick area has been widely accepted for some time,” said Mr John Gormley T.D., Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, today (18 February 2010).  “The Limerick Local Government Committee, which I am establishing under the chairmanship of Mr Denis Brosnan, is being tasked today to advise me on the most appropriate solution”.

The Committee, established under local government legislation, has been asked to prepare a report into the most appropriate arrangements for local government for the city and county of Limerick. It will examine various options, including boundary changes, the creation of a unified city and county authority, and alternative arrangements to share and/or coordinate functions, administration and leadership between the city and county authorities.

The Chair of the Committee, Mr Denis Brosnan, also chairs the Task Force on the Mid West, which is leading the response to the economic downturn in the Mid West. The other members of the Committee are Ms Michelle Wilson, Mr Maurice Carr, Mr John Cullen and Mr Brendan Tuohy.

The Committee will conduct a public consultation process to ensure that all stakeholders have an opportunity to express their views and perspectives to the Committee.

Trish Forde-Brennan of the Limerick Greens welcomed the establishment of the committee, stating that “it signals Government’s determination to addresss the issue of Limerick’s boundary.It is critical that all of us who live and work within the city and county engage in the public consultation.Actions taken from the committee’s recommendations will be the most significant in the recent history of the city and county so it is critical that we work together to get this right.Limerick and the mid-west is at an economic and infrastructural crossroads which Minister Gormley having lived here well understands”.

“A more appropriate system of governance needs to be put in place in Limerick if the city and region are to perform as a strong centre as envisaged in the National Spatial Strategy,” said Minister Gormley. “Greater local government coherence will also assist the major regeneration efforts which are currently underway.”

“I hope the Committee can conclude its work in a short number of months and I look forward to receiving the Committee’s report and recommendations,” concluded the Minister.

The members of the committee are:

  • Denis Brosnan (chair) – founder of Kerry Group, former Chairman of Horseracing Ireland and Chair of the Mid West Task Force.
  • Maurice Carr – Partner, BDO Simpson Xavier.
  • John Cullen – former Director of the Institute of Public Administration.
  • Brendan Tuohy – former Secretary General of the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.
  • Michelle Wilson – Town Planner, Director of Tiros Resources.