Green Party Leader clamps down on rogue builders

Developers who leave housing estates unfinished to be targeted

Green Party candidate, Trish Forde-Brennan, has welcomed moves by Environment Minister and Green Party Leader John Gormley to clamp down on rogue builders who leave housing estates and apartment blocks unfinished. For the first time, Councils will be able to share information on bad builders and apply it to planning decisions, ensuring that those with a history of unfinished projects will be unable to get planning permission for their next project.

Green candidate, Ms. Forde-Brennan, who is running for election in the Castleconnell electoral area, said: “The issue of unfinished estates, with poor roads, neglected green areas and lack of lighting has been coming up on the doors again and again. Many of the housing estates built during the boom were never properly finished, leaving those who paid high prices for their houses to put up with neglected and in some cases, dangerous roads, footpaths and green areas.”

The clampdown initiated by Minister Gormley will result in a national system to share information between Councils, who can track a developer or builder’s previous record. Currently, local authorities cannot take a developer’s track record into account when considering planning permission, allowing rogue developers to re-offend.

“These welcome moves will encourage developers to finish off roads and footpaths and to finish garden landscaping, if they want to get permission for their next project,” concluded Trish . “I would welcome feedback from the public as to what they think in relation such an information sharing system. I say, “let’s get this moving by taking photographs and details of housing developments left unfinished. Please do send them to me so that we have this valuable information ready to use when the Planning bill 2009 kicks in.”

The new planning laws will come into effect under the Planning bill 2009, which is currently being finalised by Minster Gormley.