Trish Forde-Brennan urges council authorities to be strict on illegal posters

Candidates that erect early should be fined, say Greens

The Green Party’s candidate for Limerick County Council , Trish Forde-Brennan, today urged the council authorities to be vigilant about candidates that illegally put up their election posters early.

The Environment Minister John Gormley this week [28 April 2009] issued a reminder to all candidates participating in the upcoming local and European elections that posters may not be erected any earlier than 6th May, which is 30 days before the polling date of June 5th. His department has also written to local authorities and political parties reminding them of their responsibilities.

“It is within Limerick County Council’s authority to issue on-the-spot litter fines to any candidate in breach of the time limits, either before or after the election, and I would urge them to do so if they find any posters up before the 6th. Candidates should not be rewarded for breaking the law, so I am calling on all candidates to respect this regulation and to publicly declare that they will not break the law and put their posters up early. If candidates will not make this commitment, can the public really trust them to keep their promises if they are elected?”

“Litter is a problem in the community and so is visual pollution. Election candidates are permitted to put up posters for a 30 day period before polling day in order to inform the public about the candidates standing for office. Those who abuse this right should be dealt with firmly.”

“Candidates and their election teams should also be mindful not to erect posters in locations that might impact on the line of sight of road users. No election campaign is worth causing danger to our families and children on the roads ” Trish added.

While posters advertising public meetings are permitted, any members of the public that see election posters up early should contact Limerick County Council on 061 496000 or