New Irish Red Cross bike unit launched in Limerick City

A new bike unit was launched by the Irish Red Cross Limerick City Branch on Thursday March 18th after their public debut at the St. Patrick’s Day parade. This is only the second such unit in the country, the Irish Red Cross in Cork having introduced a similar unit in 2007.

The unit currently has 2 bikes, one of which was sponsored by the Bike Shop, O’Connell Ave., while Signs Plus (Eastway Business Park) sponsored the bike markings and striping. The bikes will be used at large public gatherings to facilitate first aid provision over a larger area and will also be brought to such events as point to points to facilitate quick access to casualties on vast courses.

These bikes are the latest addition to an existing fleet of 4 Red Cross vehicles in Limerick City (2 ambulances, an off road ambulance and a minibus). A national training course is being developed for such units and will take place in the coming weeks. All members of the unit are already trained in first aid to Intermediate and EMFR (Emergency Medical First Responder <advanced>) level and each bike crew will always have at least one EMFR.

Attending the launch was Mayor John Gilligan who commented on the benefit of such bikes to aid first aid provision. Also in attendance was Mr. Ted Noonan, Regional Director of Units. He noted his enthusiasm for the development of this unit and commended Signs Plus and The Bike Shop for their generosity in facilitating the unit.

For further info please contact Irish Red Cross Limerick PRO Hilary Parkinson: 087 6997574