Greens call for Negotiations for Government of National Unity

Green Party election candidate, Trish Forde-Brennan, has called for the Green party to enter into negotiations with all other parties with a view to establishing a Government of National Unity. This follows on from a motion debated at the Green Party Convention which took place at the weekend in White’s Hotel, Wexford.

At first glance one might say that such a proposal is naive and that it could never work. Certainly, it is true that political parties enjoy taking verbal swipes at one another and in particular Fianna Fail and Fine Gael. In the last eighteen months or so this has intensified to such a degree that ordinary people are tiring of all political parties and see politics as bad business. Certainly, it is said by many that they do not want to have anything to do with politicians and question why we have them. There is widespread cynicism of politics which is in itself worrying for we do need people who are prepared to lead and manage the country. Without governance we will have anarchy and mayhem. This would happen whether the economy is thriving or failing.

In the present recession it is more important than ever before that politicians see beyond the now and lead us out of the financial situation which we are in. But can this happen when individual parties and politicians are wasting valuable energy and time verbally duelling one another? An alternative government is not the solution as opposition politics would still apply. Such a solution” would lose the country valuable time and ironically waste more money in election campaigns with posters, photo opportunities, election vans and loudspeakers. Is that really what we want? Is that really what we need? I don’t believe it is the solution. What we want and need is for all politicians to work together for us. To do so does not show a lack of confidence from government parties nor does it demonstrate a lack of talent from opposition parties. It would however show political solidarity at a time of national crisis.

Critically, a government of National Unity would have the best talent available and it could serve for a specified period of time. This would ensure that there would be no disconnect from the people and no indefinite loss of democratic debate from the Dail. Indeed, a general election could be called for once the time for unity government had ceased and this could be done by prior agreement. We are in a national emergency but we can recover and be stronger. What it takes is vision and thinking outside the box. That is why the Green Party brought this motion to convention, for as a political party we are prepared to take the first step.